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About NPP Voter Guide

Originally founded in 2010, the No Party Preference Voter Guide (NPP) was known as the Decline to State Voter Guide and mailed across the State of California during primary and general elections. Today, the NPP Voter Guide is mailed to over 1 million voters every even year.

Who are the No Party Preference Voters?

  • Former Republican and Democrats who switched and registered NPP because
    they want to have a choice on who they vote for without political party influence.
  • New voters ages 18 to 35 who are more independent thinkers and do not want be tied down to any particular party.
  • Typically, NPP voters are fiscally conservative but socially moderate.

“The reason why so many new and current voters are registering No Party Preference is because it’s all about the freedom of choice and voters feel the current political parties do not represent them”, says, Founder, Paul Fickas.

The No Party Preference Voter Guide is the only publication that directly targets No Party Preference Voters, one of the fastest growing and highly influential voter segments in the State of California.

No candidate, organization, or consultant can afford to ignore the growing power that this diverse voting group has to win an election. No other organization or guide has the
ability to reach this group like the No Party Preference Voter Guide.





As of September 2022 according to the California Secretary of State:
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